Violet Skinner

Project Manager, Developer, Dreamer

I'm a personable person with personality whose eye is always beyond the goal. A hustler on the inside, business person on the outside, I work to get the job done. No goal is too lofty, no idea is too creative, and no project is too big. With over one billion dollars worth of successful projects under my belt, I'm not the girl, no, woman, to mess with. I seek to bring my tenacity and perseverance to your organization to make sure that the work gets done.

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Hard Skills


Soft Skills

Project Management

Work Experience

Web Developer

Jan 2016 - Present

Swamply is a boutique web design and development agency that I founded to perform freelance web development work with. We have a strong following doing websites for some of New York's best comedians and developing interactive resumes and portfolios for tech professionals. We also have close ties with a variety of non-profit organizations and are working to bring a more modern and responsive web presence to them. Me, and a close team of awesome techies, are available to handle all of your web development needs. We're also environmentally friendly as our hosting service plants trees to offset the carbon used by their servers.

Interactive Services Coordinator

Sept 2015 - Aug 2016

Helped to facilitate day-to-day operations of building, maintaining, and updating web based applications for upscale hotel properties around the globe. Coordinated project across various internal departments. Conducted quality assurance of medium to large scale websites.Managed multiple web projects at one time, working with website production and HTML & CSS. Adhered to strict guidelines, deadlines, and budgets, as defined by internal goals and client contracts. Assisted in coordinating the process of a website from the design phase until the website went live. Worked with clients to improve search engine optimization while becoming proficient in Google Analytics. Occasionally wrote content for websites, including blogging.

@Owl Evaluations

Jul 2006 - Dec 2015

Often contracted to enhance Non-Profits by generating an Internet presence, designing websites, blogs, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. Serves as the system administrator for Google Apps, which requires routine maintenance of all email accounts. Also assists in short-term program management with responsibilities for program coordination, human resources, budgeting, public outreach, and revenue maximization. Regularly inspects RFPs and RFAs from State agencies, disseminates information to clients, and drafts grant applications.

Public Assistance Consultant @Thompson Consulting Services

Nov 2012 - Jan 2015

Grants Consultant for the state of New York in regards to Hurricane Sandy (DR-4085), appointed as a Project Specialist and led with a small team consisting of several agencies and municipalities, as well as Private Non-Profits, in addition to the FEMA, while working with FEMA's Public Assistance program.



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